Current Information

3rd Grade Junior Cougars

3rd Grade Roster 2018 - 2019
  3rd Grade Saldana 2nd Grade McKowen
Coaches Ian Saldana Jody McKowen
Mitch Bloomquist
Jeremy Gomez
Roster Archer V.
Deegan I.
Jacob A.
Jake S.
Jake T.
Jude W.
Wrigley D.
Beckett F.
Drew M.
Grayson D.
Harrison H.
Jake B.
Kaden G.
Kaden H.
Lincoln S.
Max B.
Nash G.
Trevor L.

This program only works by the dedication and availabililty of volunteer coaches. If volunteer coaches aren't available, we won't be able to have teams. Please consider coaching or assisting with your team.