Current Information

Player Guidelines


Jr. Cougar Basketball is a program designed to develop young men, in addition to developing their basketball skills. We will strive to develop sound, moral character in the participants of the program. The players' conduct is expected to reflect these values both on and off the court.

On-court conduct includes displaying good sportsmanship, positive attitude and hustle. Jr. Cougar players do not complain or question calls made by the officials. Off-court conduct includes being a good student, friend and citizen.


Jr. Cougar players are expected to attend all scheduled practices. It is the intent of the program to have teams practice twice a week. Players involved in school leagues for basketball or any other sport should attend a minimum of one practice a week during the school league season. Players must communicate any absences to their Head Coach prior to the scheduled practice. Players are expected to hustle and give their best efforts at all times during practice.

Players are also expected to put in practice time on their own outside of scheduled team practices. Basketball skills are developed through repetition of each skill set, and extra time must be put in outside of organized team practices in order to play at the highest levels. Players should ask their coach for drills they can do on their own to help develop specific skills.


Jr. Cougar players are expected to attend all scheduled games. Jr. Cougar players take direction from their coaches, and work hard to execute the coaches instructions at all times. Positive attitude, leadership and good sportsmanship are important qualities of Jr. Cougar players. Jr. Cougar players do NOT complain about or question calls made by the officials.

Jr. Cougar players play to win, but do so in a way that always displays good sportsmanship.